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Solar Projector


 A solar projector is one of the simplest and best devices to observe the sunUsing this, an Image of the sun can be projected in any direction. Many experiments can be performed using the projected image.

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A solar projector is one of the simplest and best devices to observe the sun.  Focus the Sunlight onto the wall or  a screen using the mirror provided to get the beautiful projected image.

The projected image can be used for various measurements of the sun-like calculating the diameter of the sun, the distance of the sun, measuring the size of a sunspot, transit of Venus,  observing the Solar eclipse, etc.

The kit comprises 10-12 parts to assemble , along with the instruction manual. 

Ideal for anyone interested in, especially for the kids above 10 years of age. The product is eco-friendly, durable, and easy to build. Takes about 20-25 mins to assemble the Product completely.

Value points: Enhances Exploratory and experimental learning by engaging the child to think, learn, and do.

STEM CONCEPTS- Material Property, Diameter of sun, Drawing, problem-solving, critical thinking, Measuring and calculation, shapes.

MANUFACTURER- Young Innovators Educational Services Pvt. Ltd

Young innovators specialize in designing customized and well demonstrative kits. We believe that a product is at its best when the concept behind it is understood and help the customer think beyond.

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