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Reflector Telescope


A 4.5 inch Newtonian reflector telescope with a dobsonian mount with a focal ratio of F8.   

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An optical device to observe distant  celestial objects . Making  the telescope gives a first hand experience in analysing the optical principles like reflection, focal point ,  aperture , diameter etc .

Ideal to observe Moon surface, planets ( Jupiter and Saturn ), Galilean  moons  and  rings of saturn  are the best to be viewed through this telescope. 

Ideal for anyone interested in astronomy .Product is eco-friendly , durable   and easy to build . Takes about  an hour  to assemble the Product completely .


Young Innovators



Product Name

  4.5DB Telescope

Optical Design

Newtonian Reflector

Finder scope

Not included

Focal Length

900 mm

Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 (mm)

25 mm

Focal Length of Eyepiece 2 (mm)

12 mm

Focal Ratio


Highest Magnification

225X (with 4 mm eyepiece)

Limiting Stellar Magnitude


Mount Type


Optical Coatings


Optical Tube Length

830 mm


1.01 arc seconds


10 kg

 Value points  :Enhances Exploratory and experimental learning  by engaging the child to think , learn and do .

STEM CONCEPTS- Material Property, Different sizes and shapes,  Drawing and cutting the tools, problem solving, critical thinking, Measuring and calculation, shapes.

MANUFACTURER- Young Innovators Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

Young innovators specialises  in designing customised  and well demonstrative kits.

We believe that a product is at its best, when the concept behind it, is understood and help the customer think beyond .

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