Astronomy Starter kit


The kit comprises of 5 different models which will help in understanding astronomy for beginners and how to get to know about the celestial objects in the sky in a simple manner

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Kit box 5 Models includes, which are

1. Solar projector is one of the simplest and best devices to

observe the sun. Using this, the Image of the sun can be projected in any

direction. Many experiments can be performed using the projected image.

2. Solar Motion: A simple model to understand the apparent motion of the Sun

in the sky from Earth throughout the year at any given location. 


3. True North Finder: A simple model to demonstrate the

the direction in which the north celestial pole is pointed and analyze the motion

of the sun with the help of shadow.


4 . Lunar Phase Calendar: A simple cardstock device to

demonstrate the date, phases, rising, and setting time of the moon.


5. Star Clock: It is a handy and simple device to find time using star patterns. A

simple cardstock device or mechanism to understand the movement of the

constellations in the night sky.

Quick Overview

  • Build play and Learn Kit with 10- 12 parts

  • Ideal for kids of 10 years and above

  • Build Time- 20- 25 mins

  • STEM CONCEPTS- Material, Property,  Designing, and problem, solving, skillful thinking, Measuring, and calculation.

  • Great Value for Money, constructive, and building activity that engages the child to think, learn, and work.

  • Eco- Friendly and Child Friendly, Durable, easy to build with great learning outcomes.

  • The model once assembled cannot be disassembled, portable

  • A simple instruction manual with images of each component and how to build and use the model.

  • Minimal adult requirement with the construction and building of the model.

  • With this kit, kids will learn through exploratory based learning method where they voluntarily learn the

  • Trusted by parents, loved by kids

  • With this model, the kid will understand the simple technique used to observe distant object -Sun, Calculate its dimensions with the mathematics with the help of the projected image of Sun on to a plain surface or wall

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